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Episode 83

Published on:

30th Jul 2022


Pete looks at how Portable Restroom Operators can protect against and prevent accidental spillages and how to clean up if septic waste is accidentally spilled.

Although this episode is based on a true story, no pumpers were harmed in the events described...

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Get Flushed
The Business of Sanitation
Sanitation (the management of human faeces, urine and menstrual blood) might not sound like an appetising topic for a podcast, but the truth is, everybody has to go to the bathroom.

The lack of proper sanitation is recognised as one of the biggest threats facing the world today. The problem is not simply confined to emerging nations or remote communities. It affects us all.

Originally created to help portable restroom operators improve their performance, Get Flushed has become the place for serious conversations about sanitation. In each episode, host Pete explores the mechanics of the global sanitation industry and pushes to improve restroom standards for all.

Get Flushed shares the knowledge, skills and experiences of toilet users, manufacturers, restroom operators, engineers, researchers and sanitation champions to improve the performance of sanitation-based businesses worldwide.
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